Retailers are the first to get online in the chain of B2B2C, if you are not already online they are very late.   Thankfully there are lots of competitive solutions to help you get online, you just need to make sure you do your research and ensure the platform has everything you will need.

Most platforms will get the front end right, but the issue normally comes on the backend when it comes to scalability and volume fulfillment.  Integration with your backend systems, keeping your inventory updated, running two sets of financial books, double entry/user error. 

We have been working with our retail customers to solve these issues.   Building tools and interfaces that minimise the extra work for retailers to facilitate and enable them to get online.

Due to many retailers running legacy POS (Point Of Sales) software that make it very difficult if not impossible to integrate with another system.   Hence leaving retailers with 2 discrete systems one for their POS and one for their online sales.

Where possible we will integrate with the current POS if it is an option, if not we offer retailers our own POS solution which is scalable and features an entry level ERP solution.   With additional modules you can enhance the POS with HRM or manufacturing as well as others modules.

We can track reorder stock levels and assist in generating PO with the suppliers.  Your online sales and in house sales remain in sync, so no danger of selling something that you don’t have.

All our solutions are cloud based, fully maintained and kept up to date.  We take routine snapshots with daily backups.

Getting online requires an ecosystem and infrastructure, one that doesn’t fully exist in Trinidad and hence using international tools and systems is not efficient as they rely on other supporting infrastructure that doesn’t yet exist in Trinidad.  We resolve these issues by expanding our solution and tools to provide these support services, this could be payment solutions, shipping logistics, CRM, helpdesk, POS, call centre services, etc…

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