We support a number of payment services on our platform, and we can integrate to any other major payment solution that may come in the future.

Some of the different payments methods customers prefer for online purchases:

  • Credit Cards: One of the most popular and straightforward ways to pay both offline and online.
  • Direct Debit: Customers can enter their bank account details, making this the equivalent of paying in cash or by check.
  • Alternative Payments Methods: This includes wallets, like PayPal, Amazon Pay, Google Pay and Apple Pay, and buy-now-pay-later solutions, like Affirm, Afterpay, Klarna and Sezzle.
  • Digital Currency: A very small number of people do pay with Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.

We currently support credit cards, debit cards, some of the alternative payments methods.   We can support digital currency but we have not had any demand/request for it yet.

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