We have years of implementation experience, hence we can guide you on how to implement your project.  We will highlight areas of focus and steps to be taken, with the timelines and people needed.

We have a systematic approach to dealing with bring you on board :

  1. Business Analysis :   We speak to you and your staff, we understand how you currently do business.  We will recommend changes and if you decide on the digital journey and process.  We will design a long term roadmap but short term tasks.
  2. Data Migration and System configuration:  The next stage is building your workflows on our platform.  We will go through the configuration and also start to upload your data.  In many cases you may not have complete data sets needed for online operations, we will work with you to highlight and get this data.
  3. Training.   With your data and your customised implementation configured, we now start the training process, so you get comfortable with using and working on the platform.  The system is very intuitive and automated, hence training is very quick
  4. User Acceptance Testing:  Straight after the training we enter the UAT.  This overlaps with the training as we would be doing real life cases for the training and hence we should pick up any issues early.  All final UAT and end to end testing is done.
  5. Launch:  We go live, and work with you for the initial period to make sure things are running smoothly.  We fix any bugs that may have been missed but then let the users and system settle in. We allow you to focus on the marketing and promotion of the platform.
  6. Optimisation:  Having used the system, we now come back and discuss the system with you, in this stage based on user feedback we will look to optimise the system, this may be adding features/functionality or automating some of the steps.   This cycle of optimisation and usage continues.


During the training phase we will cover all the different aspects of the system that are going to be used daily.  We focus on the most commonly used tasks and minimise the one off configurations so as not to overload the users with information and keep them focused. 

Our training will cover :

  1. Product and Inventory Management
  2. Customer/Pricing Management
  3. Sales Order Management
  4. Marketing and Graphics

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