What is help desk software?

Managing eCommerce customer support is no walk in the park. That is why eCommerce businesses seek solutions. To solve customer support management problems and to scale support, online businesses use help desk software.

Help desk software is a service that allows you to manage online customer support effectively across all of the channels on which you receive customer queries.

Help desk software provides you with the ability to track message history, manage all customer information in one place and respond to queries quickly and effectively. It can also provide extra features including live chat functionality, performance reporting and real-time SLA management.

Why do you need a help desk for eCommerce?

Like any customer-facing industries, eCommerce is home to high volumes of customer queries.

According to xSellco data, online businesses receive an average of one customer query for every eight sales. As you grow your business, your query volumes can quickly grow beyond an amount you can manage.

Industry-standard help desk software solves the problem of managing customer queries through email clients.

As your eCommerce business grows, managing customer support through email will not allow you to scale your business. You’ll miss queries, take longer to respond, and most importantly – miss out on sales.

Help desk software will allow you to scale customer support with your business, allowing your agents to handle many more queries in the same amount of time.

An eCommerce-specific help desk will allow you to manage your queries from multiple selling channels and streamline them into one shared inbox. It will also allow you to see a customer’s order information and query in the same place. When customer queries and fulfillment information are aligned, it will greatly improve your support agents’ workflow – and the customer experience you provide. Your support agents can respond to and resolve issues much faster – leaving your customers more satisfied and willing to complete a purchase.

A strong customer support setup is crucial to getting repeat business and building a loyal following.

Features of an eCommerce help desk

Now you know why help desks are needed for eCommerce, the next logical question is which one is the best? You may have heard of help desk companies like Zendesk, and maybe even HelpScout and Freshdesk.

Taurus.One can integrate with any of these via API, we also have our T-Ticket platform integrated to our Tautus.One platform.   T-Ticket is based on an opensource platform.



When it comes to eCommerce customer support, speed is the name of the game.


Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are especially important in the eCommerce industry. eCommerce customers require sellers to respond within 24 hours in order to be a reputable brand.

An eCommerce help desk will sort your tickets in order of SLA, putting your most urgent queries


Templates allow you to create automated responses for your most common queries, so you can respond to these queries in just three clicks.


SmartTags help to personalize messages by automatically pulling in a customer’s details, including name, company address, order details and more, by simply using a hash tag.

Live Chat

Support your customers in real time from any page on your website with Live Chat. A customer with a query can reach out to you at any time thanks to the intelligent Live Chat widget, which you can design and customize to match your website and brand.

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