Hardware sites need to cater for variations on how these items are purchased.  An item can come in different sizes and materials, these are different physical items but the same logical item.   The purchasing of these items that may have variations and characteristics as well as price is unique and specific logic has to be built for this.

Most decent ecommerce will support these features and purchasing journeys, but then you have bundling, where items are purchased in combinations, in bundles, not all ecommerce will support that.   It’s a product made of other products, many other solutions will provide a work around that is limited, but we cater for a full bundling solution for these sales cases.

Intelligent platforms should allow you to recommend products, so if someone purchased paint then they are likely to need paint, if they purchased a pipe then they will have connectors.   Pre bundled kits, list of products for projects, this will not only allow you to upsell but also make it more convenient for the customer.

Our platform is designed with logic to allow you to do this.  This empowers the buyers to be able to not only start their journey online but to fully complete it online and not have to switch back to the physical store.


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