Fast moving consumer goods are moving online at an increasing speed.   FMCG sector saw the biggest increase in online sales growth due to COVID for obvious reasons.  FMCG has a high transaction volume and frequency and as such it has the greatest set of benefits for all the stakeholders.

For the sellers they want to sell 24x7x365, they want to be able to sell anytime the buyer wants to buy.   For a country like Trinidad, by going online you expand your reach to every corner of the country.  With high internet and mobile penetration rates, you can reach everyone.   You can capture consumer data in a way you could not before and then using the data, you can sell in a personalised way.  The seller is able to treat each buyer as a unique consumer and not a general mass market.

You can expand and open to new customers without significant investment in bricks and mortar, and do it at a much lower cost and faster speed.  It’s a growing market, as the consumer shifts from the physical purchasing channels to the online channels, those that act first will have the opportunity to gain market share and mature their online and in house infrastructure, leaving their competitors scrambling in the last hour.

More and more consumers are from the internet generation and it is no longer a nice to have but a must to have.  For more and more consumers in Trinidad, online is the first choice of conducting a transaction, with infrastructure developing quickly, it is essential for FMCG sellers to act now.

Not all B2C is the same, a buyer purchasing weekly stock of household goods has a different criteria, workflow and decision making process then someone purchasing clothes, autoparts or electronics.   Hence we do not offer the same general solution to all our customers, we have developed specific supporting tools for each vertical to give our customers an advantage and improve the transactional experience for both parties.

For example for our FMCG toolkit, we offer a PIM, allowing for nutritional value data, this is essential when buyers are becoming more and more health and food conscious.  We also recognise that most time a buyer is replacing items and rarely purchasing an item for the first time, we recognise this, and have developed a number of tools to assist with this.  We have a favourites template where you can select your most frequently purchased items, you can pull up a previous invoice and choose items from there by just updating quantities.   Also you don’t want to be searching for products all the time and browsing the images and intimate details, and hence we have developed a list based bulk ordering tool to speed up the process.

We continuously improve the platform based on our customers and users’ feedback.   While at the same time we capture data on consumers that allows our customer to give the consumers a more personalised experience.  Hence you are able to do targeting marketing, this is critical, you do not want to be spamming your consumers with promotions, when they may not be of interest to the consumer, personalised marketing allows you to only send promotions they will find valuable and with that they will appreciate the promotions and not put you in a SPAM list.


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