What kind of companies is Taurus.one best for?

Taurus.one is an excellent fit for mid-market and large enterprises looking to improve their eCommerce presence or take the first step in launching an online platform for their customers. Currently, we successfully serve B2B commerce distributors, manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, retailers as well as multi-channel brands (selling both B2B, D2C and B2C) in the following verticals:

  • Industrial Supplies
  • Construction
  • Food and Beverage
  • Fashion and apparel
  • Automotive parts and accessories
  • Appliances and electronics
What roles within these companies can benefit from the software and how?

Almost every business unit can leverage the multitude of benefits provided by Taurus.One. 

The executive leadership will appreciate the streamlined operations as they give the business more opportunities to grow, easily scale, and increase the bottom-line in the longer term. In addition, the exec team will be able to leverage robust reporting and centralized KPI dashboard to have a clear view of the company’s performance gaining valuable insight into metrics that can drive actionable decisions by the management.

Marketing leaders will appreciate the flexibility of the system as it would allow them to elevate their marketing initiatives including the ability to create and manage any type of content, personalize the purchasing experience for each customer, including catalog, pricing, payment & shipping options, discounts promotions and more. Taurus.One allows marketing teams to obtain advanced analytics through native reporting engine and from Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce.

Sales leaders would be able to leverage the built-in CRM capabilities including a 360-degree view of the customer, respond to quotes, create orders, manage the sales pipeline, order on behalf of a customer, and more, all with fully responsive mobile capabilities. 

The technology team will have an enterprise-grade system that they can scale across the entire organization be it global or local.  The flexibility of the system provides customization and configuration capabilities to adhere to any of an organization’s needs to digitize and automate manual processes.   Taurus.One allows the flexibility to deploy anywhere. Our platform runs on Google Cloud, AWS and Digital Ocean.

Who is Taurus.One ?

Taurus.One is a company behind many platforms such as  Carz, Homez, Bizibi marketplace and T-POS ERP products. Tauurs.one was founded in 2019 by industry leaders in business automation applications. 

How does Taurus.One fit into a digital transformation strategy for my business?

The ultimate digital transformation goal is to increase profit. It can be either achieved by backend process optimization or by growing catalog size and attracting more leads and customers. Taurus.One helps businesses with both. By automating order and customer information entry and management and by connecting with your PIM, CRM, ERP, WHM, and other systems, Taurus.One reduces manual data entry and breaks the silos between different data storage in your company. By giving you capabilities to publish your products online and customize your storefront to meet your customers’ demands you increase the amount of new incoming business. Some of our clients managed to double the size of their catalog within months after their launch which, in turn, had a huge positive effect on their sales.


From your experience, what are the challenges other B2B companies are facing?

The most common challenges that we see include:

  • Change management – incorporate and adopt new technology tools
  • Lack of experience in selling online and the inability to manage an eCommerce store for their customers
  • Inability to provide B2B buyers the experience and workflows they require.
  • Considerable manual work uploading and updating customer, product and order data
  • Data exists in silos preventing organizations from leveraging automation and cost efficiencies.
  • Inability to follow the customer journey and optimize it for the best possible customer experience.
  • The inability of legacy platforms to function at a large scale with optimal performance.
  • Inability to localize experiences based on customer geolocation or mobile device.
  • Inability to serve multiple scenarios and sales channels such as B2B, B2C, B2B2C, D2C, etc.
  • Limited integration possibilities of their current systems and solutions
  • Scalability issues, legacy systems hamper their growth.
How much technical experience do business users need to operate the software?

Most back-end users (sales, marketing, operations) do not need any technical background to manage content, landing pages orders, products, pricing rules, discounts, tax rules, page content, SEO tags, etc. Additionally, Taurus.One offers training to customers to make sure they are familiar with the system and operate it appropriately.


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