Disrupt or Disrupted

Disrupt or Disrupted

Your business will start to see a drop in revenues at an increasing level in the next 12-24 months.   Once it starts it may be too difficult to stop it.  If you are lucky you may be able to reduce your indirect costs to survive and operate at a smaller scale otherwise...

B2B for Manufacturers and Distributors

B2B for Manufacturers and Distributors

Ecommerce is for the retailers and consumers.   This is completely wrong, in fact there is more value and trade for the B2B then for the retail, it is true that retail has led the way and continues to be at the forefront, B2B’s are adopting ecommerce at a faster and...

B2B  for Automotive Industry

B2B for Automotive Industry

Adapt or Die Trinidad and Tobago is on the edge of the digital revolution, the ecosystem has developed and there is a huge amount of pent up demand waiting to be tapped. For the businesses who move first and enter this space, they have an opportunity to corner the...

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