Manufacturers are quickly moving to D2C.  New technologies and consumer purchasing patterns are making it both possible and necessary for manufacturers to start building direct relationships with their end consumers.

It is imperative that manufacturers build these relationships and engagements with the end consumers, to take control of the brand and customer experience, otherwise their competitors will and take away market share.           

Personalisation is the name of the game, it is the core of every strategy.  For personalisation you need to have data on your consumers, this will take time to build up, so it is essential for you to start now so you can begin to gather this information.

More and more consumption is moving online, and to take a share of this new market, you need to be online now and start building your online reputation, workflows, toolsets and toolkits, internal staff need to be trained over time to continue to provide a great degree of consumer empowerment so they can do more and more for themselves, for some of this you need develop new systems/data sets and other infrastructure.

Benefits :

Data on your consumers

Higher Margins


Strengthen Brand

Increase Market Share

Reduce cost of sales and admin

Key Features:

Ecommerce Portal


Higher Profitability

Reduce Cost of sale

Omni Channel Sales

Growth and Reach

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