The B2B ecommerce market is 4 times larger than retail, experiencing rapid growth each year.

B2B eCommerce is a business model where businesses sell to other companies online. This is unlike B2C eCommerce, where businesses sell to consumers. In the B2B eCommerce model, sales cycles tend to be longer due to the presence of multiple stakeholders, larger order sizes, and higher costs, among other factors.

One industry known for B2B eCommerce is the manufacturing industry, where businesses manufacture parts and sell to other businesses in bulk.

B2B buyers as individuals want the same buying experience as they make personal purchases online from Amazon, Walmart, Expedia or another online ecommerce site.   They find it more efficient and natural, and expect and gravitate towards similar B2B experience.


Those organisations that take the step to move online and offer B2B specifica purchasing workflows will benefit.   There is an early mover advantage, you get in first, while the market is small and start to develop your systems and people, adjust workflows, increasing capacity, making and learning from mistakes.   Your systems will grow and enhance as the online B2B transaction velocity increases.  


Those organisations that leave it too late and react at the last hour, will have to spend a lot more, invest much more in marketing and make expensive mistakes as they try to catch up or just to equalise and stop further erosion of market share and revenues.   Some may not make it, such as Sears and Macys, they left it too late, did too little too late.

Taurus has a platform specifically built for B2B sellers and specifically in Trinidad.   Getting online requires an ecosystem and infrastructure, one that doesn’t fully exist in Trinidad and hence using international tools and systems is not efficient as they rely on other supporting infrastructure that doesn’t yet exist in Trinidad.  We resolve these issues by expanding our solution and tools to provide these support services, this could be payment solutions, shipping logistics, CRM, helpdesk, POS, call centre services, etc…

Many organisations have old internal systems that are not capable of integration and extracting data to present online is difficult, we also help in these cases and find solutions using various options.

B2B purchasing workflow is not like a B2C workflow, we recognise this and hence our B2B solution is completely different to B2C as we understand the pain points and the full efficiency benefits we are able to materialise by a correct workflow design. 

Our B2B interface is completely different to B2C, we offer the ability for quick bulk purchases.  We also recognise that in the majority B2B purchases are replenishes, so we allow you to create an order based on previous invoices and/or a favourites list.   Once we collect sufficient data on purchasing frequency, we can introduce ML (machine learning) recommendation engines. 

Benefits :

Increase Growth

Reduce costs

Increase capacity

Flatten the Curve

Empower your customers

Increase Efficiency

Key Features :

B2B Ecommerce Portal

Data Capture

Flexible Pricing

Field sales

Omni Channel Sales


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