The car/vehicle parts sector is huge and complex.   A normal ecommerce site will not be sufficient.  You can certainly try it and put up your stock, but consumers will be hesitant to make a purchase because they will not know if the part will fit their vehicle.

That is why every decent car part finder site you go to will have an intelligent search module/widget, where you will enter your make, model and year of the car before you do a search so that you are only returned parts that are compatible with your vehicle.

This widget comes in different forms, it can be drop boxes for the 3 pieces of information, it can be a VIN decoder or vehicle registration box.

On the backend the database is much more complex, you need to have all the data for makes, model, years and then matching part numbers and compatibilities.   We have developed the backend structure for auto part dealers to be able to do this.   

The auto parts sellers who adopt this technology first will build an online brand and become the online nucleus in Trinidad and Tobago for the place to go for car parts.  Also car parts are notoriously hard to find, having to drive around and ask for the parts is not practical.  Simple parts can be found over the phone, but many parts cannot and you are asked to bring the part to the auto part shop so they can take a look and compare.  You can do this online by using high quality images.  

Increase your reach to all corners of Trinidad and Tobago, reduce your cost of sales and increase your market share.  Take advantage of the first move advantage.


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